Jason Ferris

Drummer for Bread of Stone and Radio Show Host on The Voyce Radio. Jason is also available for hire for live performance backing other artists and studio sessions

Live Performance Producer.png

Jason began producing one of his first artist’s live show in 2015.

In the years following, he began working with other music artists by word-of-mouth and later established himself as a Live Performance Producer.

He was first introduced to Live Music Producer Tom Jackson after graduating high school in 2010. It was then that Jason attended a week-long live music workshop taught by Jackson.

Jason grew up playing live music, attending concerts and later became a crew member for BNY Productions. In addition to drumming full-time with the band Bread Of Stone, he has greater oportunitites to watch many live performances every year.

Inspired by Tom Jackson’s Live Music Method, Jason works with artists to further develop and enhance their live show in order to create a purposeful and memorable performance.


Some artists Jason works with:

Bobby Bugattii

• Cade Thompson 

 Deep Valleys

Faith Head 

Johnathan Stone


Skylar Kaylyn

White Ribbon Day


For Jason, Live Performance has always been a passion. Whether taking the stage to perform himself or working behind the scenes with various artists, he enjoys this way of spreading the love through and connecting artists with audiences:


• Helping Find a Vision for Your Show

• Creating Moments within Your Songs

• Editing and Arranging Songs for Live Performance

• Helping Build Your Set List

• Identifying Your Primary Audience

• Establishing an Understanding of Your Audience

• Improving Communication and Relationships with Your Audience

• Gaining Confidence and Authority on Stage

• Improving Song Transitions

• Teaching Purposeful Movement on Stage


Every artist and situation is unique, so if you're interested in partnering with Jason for your live show, you can contact him for a quote tailored to your specific needs!